Mocadazu luxury bamboo tents are the first bamboo glamping tents in the world. Our tents are unique, super luxurious and eco-friendly. The exotic look of each bamboo tent instantly creates a vacation mood for your guests. Whether you own a luxury campsite, a bed & breakfast, a luxury resort or a nature reserve, Mocadazu provides you with the perfect glamping accommodation for an ultimate dream vacation. We use the highest quality materials available because we believe that only the best will do for you and your guests. Our bamboo tents have a long lifespan, are very easy to clean and can remain up all year round.
Do you want to offer your guests an exclusive, unique and amazing vacation? Then start taking glamping to the next level!
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Our bamboo glamping tents are designed as five star accommodation. We designed these tents to allow guests to fully enjoy any unique destination. The luxury bamboo tents provide the perfect getaway for a couple and can also be furnished for a luxurious family camping vacation.
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Our luxury bamboo shades provide a pleasant climate outdoors. They allow guests to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings while being protected from the heat of the sun or from rain. Our bamboo shades can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as a dining area, yoga space, shaded hammock or lounge area.
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Why choose a Mocadazu luxury bamboo tent?

* The exotic look of each tent instantly creates a vacation mood for your guests.
* The low environmental impact opens the door to exclusive nature destinations.
* We use the strongest type of bamboo and we know how to build with it.
* The open design provides panoramic views of any outstanding location.
* You can attract high end customers.
* We use the highest quality textiles. And they are all 100% recyclable!

Dream Vacations

It’s our passion to create accommodation that provides a super deluxe, comfortable dream vacation at the most beautiful, exclusive or remote locations in the world. We believe that a perfect vacation is about being surrounded by beauty, with optimum comfort and outstanding service. Above all else we believe it’s about an unforgettable experience. It’s enjoying total freedom from worry in a stunning environment. It’s creating unique memories. With our luxury bamboo tents you can achieve all of this and create an unforgettable experience for your guests!

Enjoy Nature

At Mocadazu we are convinced that comfort and luxury can go hand in hand with being eco-sensitive. That’s why we designed our luxury bamboo tents to have the lowest possible impact on the environment. It is our dream to increase sustainability within luxury accommodation, because we believe that nature is so beautiful and vital that it should be protected. We believe that travellers are more likely to protect their own environment at home when they have positively experienced beautiful nature on vacation


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