Mocadazu Luxury Bamboo Glamping Tents

Mocadazu is the leading brand in luxury bamboo glamping tents and pavilions. Our bamboo tents are unique, of the highest quality, super luxurious and eco-friendly. The exotic look of each tent instantly creates a vacation mood for you and your guests. Mocadazu’s luxury bamboo tents are all made with a bamboo frame and finished with high quality textiles. The luxury bamboo tents have a long lifespan, are very easy to clean and can remain up all year round. All our tents are handmade with care for people and nature.

Mocadazu offers a variety of beautiful bamboo glamping tents and pavilions. Whether you own a luxury campsite, a bed & breakfast, a luxury resort or a nature reserve, Mocadazu provides you with the perfect glamping accommodation for an ultimate dream vacation. Or choose one of our stunning bamboo pavilions. They can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as a covered terrace, a lounge or an exclusive cover for your event.

It’s our passion to create accommodations that provide super deluxe, comfortable dream vacations at the most beautiful, exclusive or remote locations in the world. Our luxury bamboo tents are designed to allow guests to optimally enjoy any unique destination! We believe that a perfect vacation is about being surrounded by beauty, with optimum comfort and outstanding service. Above all else we believe it’s about an unforgettable experience. It’s enjoying total freedom in a stunning environment. It’s creating unique memories. With our luxury bamboo tents you can achieve all of this and create an unforgettable experience for your guests!

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Our Bamboo Tents and Pavilions

Glamping tents

Our bamboo glamping tents are designed as a five star accommodation. We designed these tents to allow guests to optimally enjoy any unique destination. The luxury bamboo tents provide a beautiful get-away for a couple or can be furnished to meet all requirements needed for a luxurious camping vacation with a family.

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Our luxury bamboo pavilions provide a pleasant climate outdoors. They allow you and your guests to enjoy the beauty of nature while being protected from the heat of the sun or from rain. The bamboo shades can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as a dining area, shaded hammock or lounge area.

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Spa & Resort Lodges

The Mocadazu spa & resort lodges are our top notch luxury bamboo tents, especially designed for high end resorts and five star luxury hotels. Instead of being tucked away behind concrete walls, where all connection with nature has been evaded, our luxury spa & resort lodges bring the luxury lifestyle back to the heart of nature.

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Why a Mocadazu Luxury Bamboo Tent?

Bamboo Frame

Bamboo is beautiful, strong, lightweight and sustainable. By using bamboo for the frames we literally bring nature inside! The species we use is Guadua bamboo from South America, which is known as the strongest bamboo in the world. It is perfectly suitable for constructions. The bamboo is pre-treated against insects and varnished to protect it from the elements.

Exotic and unique

There are no tents like Mocadazu’s luxury bamboo tents. Both the design and the use of bamboo for the frames makes our tents unique in the world. With their exotic appearance the tents will instantly create a vacation mood for you and your guests.


Comfort and luxury should go hand in hand with being eco-sensitive. That’s why we designed our luxury bamboo tents to have the lowest possible impact on the environment according to the ‘Cradle to Cradle’ principle. The use of bamboo highly reduces the greenhouse effect and climate change. It can grow exceptionally quickly without the need for fertilizer, pesticides or much water. Bamboo absorbs up to five times more carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than an equivalent type of hardwood. The textiles for the roofs are 100% recyclable according to the Texyloop system.

Luxury at the heart of nature

The semi-permanent character of our bamboo tents opens doors to the most beautiful and exclusive destinations in the world. The large openings and windows in our luxury bamboo tents allow guests to optimally enjoy the beautiful surroundings. From remote beaches to deep in the jungle, floating on water or high above the ground on a platform; our bamboo tents are the perfect luxury hide-out at the heart of nature.

Durable and weather resistant

We use the highest quality materials available because we believe that only the best will do. Our luxury bamboo tents are durable, weather resistant and have a long life span. They are can remain up all year round.

Highest quality textiles

The textiles we use in our luxury bamboo tents have a long life span, do not discolor or sag and are very easy to clean. They are waterproof, UV resistant and mildew resistant. The textiles for the roofs consist of a polyester yarn that is coated with a waterproof PVC layer. Our inner tents are made of a top quality canvas fabric of TenCate. The textiles are also available with a fireproof coating.

√ The tents are a feast for the eyes
√ The exotic look of each bamboo tent instantly creates a vacation mood
√ The tents are perfectly suited for different purposes
√ All tents are handmade with care for people and nature

A Fully Furnished Glamping Tent!

Complete your luxury bamboo glamping tent with carefully selected furniture. This furniture fits perfectly with the exotic look of the bamboo tents and consists of a combination of bamboo furniture complemented with all the necessities your guests need for a carefree stay. You can think of beds with mosquito nets, a cozy lounge area and a spacious dining area. There are various packages, suitable for the number of guests you would like to welcome in the luxurious bamboo tent. Additionally, you can choose a complete kitchen inventory, including a coffee maker, pan set, crockery, glasses, cutlery and accessories

A complete interior package is available from € 2.250,- (ex VAT)!

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On our page “Bamboo Products” you will find a selection of bamboo products that appeal to us. Some products are designed by us, these can be ordered by clicking on the link. We have complemented our own designs with a selection of beautiful products from our partners. Below are just a few examples, for the whole selection please visit our page “Bamboo Products”.

Lamp Mocadazu licht No 1

Mocadazu No.1

This Mocadazu No. 1 design lamp is a unique, handmade and durable eye-catcher. The timeless design fits perfectly in your interior; a real must-have!
More information…

Price: €144,63

(ex. VAT)

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Lounge set

Give your garden an exotic touch with this Long Island lounge set of whkmp’s OWN. This outdoor furniture set consists of two lounge chairs, a 2-seater sofa and a coffee table. A perfect set to relax after a long day of work.
More information…

Price: €875,21

(ex. VAT)

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Garden set

Enjoy your day with this bamboo garden set! The two garden chairs with table have an exotic look through the beautiful frame made of bamboo. The white seat cushions provide extra comfort.

More information…

Price: €205,79

(ex. VAT)

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Pod chair

The Kubu chair of Dutchbone really adds character and a worldly look to your interior by its special round shape and the rattan that is processed in the chair. The rattan is unpainted, leaving the chair in the most beautiful condition and saving the environment.

More information…

Price: €197,52

(ex. VAT)

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Where did you hear about us?

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About us

Mocadazu was established in 2013 by Bouwe Besseling and Anna Raetsen, two young, idealistic and innovative designers. We are convinced that comfort and luxury can go hand in hand with being eco-sensitive. That’s why we designed our luxury bamboo glamping tents and pavilions to have the lowest possible impact on the environment. It is our dream to increase sustainability within luxury accommodation and pavilions, because we believe that nature is so beautiful and vital that it should be protected.

Bouwe Besseling

“Hi! I’m an Architect. My passion is to address complex design challenges and turn them into logical, user friendly and most of all, beautiful designs. As an architect I find the dialogue between the environment and the design intriguing.
I graduated in 2008 from Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.”

Mocadazu luxe bamboe glamping tenten en safaritenten

Anna Raetsen

“Hello! I’m an Industrial Designer. I am passionate about designing products that are eco-friendly, without compromising one bit on aesthetics, comfort and luxury. For me the most important starting point when designing is user experience.
I graduated in 2009 from Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.”

More information

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